When I sip, you sip, we sip.

Years in the making, from Small Talk Winery and MomHalo, here comes the great beverage of the summer. playdate™. we're here for celebrating the friend hangs, the parent escape, the girl nights and  weeknight takeout.

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playdate™ Red

Perfection. Balanced mouthfeel, un-oaked, and just a gem.

playdate™ White

Unoaked, fresh, honey, crisp with stone fruit layers make this a real favourite.

playdate™ Rose

Light with hints of berry will make this the memory of summer

playdate™ Trifecta

Get the all! Buy 4 of each and be ready for the patio!

About playdate™ Wines

We have our very own special limited edition Ontario red, white, and rose for sale direct from a legacy winery in Niagara-On-The Lake.  Our collaborator, Small Talk Winery is a true Canadian family owned and operated business. They have been crafting wines for over 70 years! 

We’re excited to be able to have these three fantastic wines out in time for summer.  You can order them by clicking on the links above.

Read the full story here!

playdate™ wine canada

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