The Story Behind playdate

Where did it all come from?

by Alana Kayfetz

The Mom HALO playdate Wine and Beverages was born at Small Talk Vineyards, Niagara– a 70-year-family run winery in the heart of beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, on May 27th, weighing in at 750 ml, and is already very bubbly.  

Labour was intense (thanks for asking), and boy was it long; but after 24-months of pushing and collaborating, our very first limited-edition varietal of playdate was born. 

We wanted you to be the first to know about playdate, and are so excited to introduce you to our beautiful triplets: Proprietary Red, Proprietary White; and Proprietary Rosé. 

Alana and team partnered with Hank Hunse and Small Talk Vineyards and together designed and created these beautiful wines.  Small talk is a family-owned winery and has been producing since 1945.

To help us celebrate this incredible milestone, click here and grab a bottle (better yet, a case!), and continue to read about how it was all conceived. Too much information #TMI?

It’s not as sexy as you might think. 

It all started in 2016. I had just given birth to my first of two children (with one on the way: hence three wine options), and as excited as I was, I was equally feeling isolated.

My social-butterfly-spirit was stunted, and I was desperately craving meaningful interactions with others. Kids’ development meet-ups were great, but weren’t cutting it; and I wasn’t developing as a person, let alone a Mother.

I, too, needed to develop as a parent, and a woman, and I couldn’t do it alone. 

That’s when I put out a call on Facebook, inviting local Moms to gather in my tiny house. My only request was BYOB…but in this case, “B” meant: BOOBS, BOTTLES, and BEVERAGES. 

Twenty strangers, now dear friends, showed up. It was instant. I was onto something. There was no agenda other than to have fun and connect with new Moms–the kind of playdate I could get behind. We shared tears, fears, and our highs and lows, and realized that this playdate was the root of something bigger. 

Fast forward to today, and with the creativity and vision of our small but mighty new mom team: Bre, Ossana, Priya, and Bonnie, the ultimate playdate for thousands of moms was born…and with that, the exciting launch of momsTO’s new wine label playdate Wine & Beverages! 

Please join us for a toast in celebration of playdate Wine & Beverages, and we can’t wait for you to meet our newest member of the momsTO family! 

Grab a case before its all gone!

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